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Dear Max

Your dad has coined the term “human holiday” and it’s the best term for describing that state of a breakaway from people/things/life. It’s not a bad thing at all, and no one needs to take it personally if the other person wants a human holiday. In fact, you often take some human holidays for yourself, for brief periods. You’re happy to play by yourself and do your thang, and you get a bit irritated when people or pets step into the Max Zone.

I have declared today a human holiday. I am going to see a movie, catch up on errands and do some shopping. Obviously I’ll still be checking my phone/emails/Twitter/Instagram – I said a human holiday, not an Apple holiday.

I’m excited – I won’t be watching the clock (aside from getting the movie in time), I’ll have all my chores done by the weekend, and I can get home in good time to walk you around the ‘hood and take you to Woolies for a coffee and a show-off session (they love you there, and all the customers do too).

It’s a chance to catch up, take stock, find an even bigger smile, take that deep exhale, and see James McAvoy on the big screen. And eat popcorn.

And I can’t wait to see you at the end of my HH.


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  1. You’ve chosen the perfect day for it too!
    Enjoy T

  2. Awesome idea 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  3. I call it “Time-outs” for mom and I try and do them once in a while. Two Saturdays ago just developed into one – hairdresser, shopping and a movie, all on my own. Bliss

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