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Dear Max

On the weekend, five runners were tragically killed when a drunk driver rammed into them, also injuring another. It made me sad – these runners were training for Soweto Marathon which I’m running in two weeks’ time. I might have passed some of these women during a race, they might have helped me one Comrades, or it might have been me.

Max, this isn’t just a sad post. It’s a reminder to try and live now because you never know what’s round the corner. For years people used to tell me how running was bad for me, how I was too young, how Comrades wasn’t going anywhere, how I should wait til after having kids. But I know that tomorrow I might not have the legs or the willingness, and while I can, I will. The biggest reminder of this came in the form of the stalwart of our running community, Gerald Fox, who was tragically killed in 2003. When I run, I remember him and others who can’t – those whose lives have been cut short, those who are injured, those who don’t think they can.

Sadly, it sometimes takes tragedy for us to get the bigger picture, and to appreciate what we have. I don’t always get it right though – I lament, I want more, I take for granted, I procrastinate, I get bogged down by the small stuff. But for now, I step consciously and with gratitude. And this might mean that I will smother you with kisses, hugs and daily “I love you’s”, but while I can, I will.

Seize the moment, Max.

I love you,

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful reminder.
    Thanks Tanya

  2. So true Tans. I too heard of those runner’s passing over the weekend and took the time to hold my little boy closer and to steal 100 more kisses. Each day is amazing and we often forget that.

    Thank you for reminding us (and Max) to not forget it.


  3. One of the ladies was Given Mills, she was young, vibrant and had alot going for her! Tragically one drunk idiot stole her future from her. She will never know the Joy of having babies, that unconditonal love. She will never get that dream dress and stroll down the isle.

    But man! she would have loved to know she is famous! that her face has been in all the newspapers and on tv! Just sucks its for this reason!

    Saturday was a sobering day in our household! Made my hubs reminise and us hold on a bit tighter to the things we were busy”throwing away”

  4. The whole episode is heartbreaking.We all run with people close to us or people whos company we enjoy,and therefore the risk of losing many of your close friends is frightening.Fortunately or unfortunately time is a great healer,and people forget.,but the running community must see that the best legal brains are employed to make a statement,and to send this driver to jail for life.

  5. It such a tragedy Tanya, I didn’t hear the news until this morning and am still horrified!


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