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End-of-week observations…

Posted on Nov 20, 2011 by in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Dear Max

So my take from this week:
- One can live without Woolies choc chip yoghurt. Not easy, but not impossible
- Grey’s Anatomy season eight is so much better than seven. The moral – sometimes when you give things another chance, it’s all worth it
- Haagen Dazs coconut and truffle flavour is pretty damn good – I was at the launch this week and it’s delish
- There are some awesome people out there with big hearts: thank you to those who have pledged for my #FocusMyFunds run
- It’s sometimes hard digging up the past
- There are worse things than lose a game of cards: I much prefer the company and laughs had during playing



  1. Has the new season of greys started?

    • The new season is showing in the US… am enjoying it. I suffered through season 7.

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