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Dear Max

So I think I’ve told you that a few months ago, you refused to sleep in your cot anymore, and cried to go into my bed, or your dad’s.

That’s become the status quo, and we got solid expert advice (not just from Twitter) that it was okay for now, that we should just stick to it, and let your needs dictate things.

Last week I asked if you wanted a new “Max bed”, and you said no. I tried to phrase it differently: a “big boy bed”, a “big new bed”, a “grand bed”, a “grown-up boy bed”, but you weren’t keen. In fact, I think your words were “No mama. No. No”.

But I’ve got two last option up my sleeve for now…

Something like this… (this model is from Ikea)

Or this… (called a Little Tikes bed)

I’m going to show you these pictures, exalt the values and advantages of each, and then leave it up to you. And if you’re not ready, then that’s cool. All in your own time…


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  1. Dont Go with the car Bed – Most uncomfortable bed ever, Jen had bought it for Rael and he hated it. We ended up getting Aaron a simple Single bed and he got to choose his linen, but that is just my 10c worth 😉

  2. I remember the days when my bed worked properly with no add ons or after effects.I have to get mine fixed and lets hope mine looks as comfy as that new ikea bed. May have to make a special trip to check it out. has to be sturdy now to manage with the day to day effects of sleeping all day

    • Thank you! 🙂

  3. great transition bed my son loved it

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