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Dear Max

You’d thinking that after around 10 years or so of waking up early to go and run would have become easier, but not so. One morning last week, I got up, and asked myself what the point was. It was too early, and I was too tired/demotivated/gatvol to want to go. I thought about quitting, and doing easier things with my year than train, get up early, go through pain, and miss out on other stuff (like reading and sleeping).

But once I was out and running, I thought about the pay-offs, and how the pain and input count to something, and how big the rewards are. Max, life in itself isn’t easy, but when you set yourself challenges and do things out the ordinary, things are even tougher.

There will be times when you’ll want to quit, or sleep in, or go down the “easy” road. And that’s okay. But know that the biggest rewards and life changes come from digging deep, from going through some pain, from doing the hard stuff. It’s hard, but there will be so much light.


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  1. Wow,this is so true! Really inspired me today!

  2. That is definitely some sound advice for your little boy. We can actually all learn from it!


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