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Dear Max

Remember those golden curly locks of yours, the ones people marvelled at? The ones that were made up a “Maxism” and which you hated having washed or brushed, but which everyone loved tousling?

Sigh. They’re gone. I got home from work yesterday and found you looking like someone had clipped your hair on a “1” setting. I thought someone had come to school and lobbed your locks off because of a lice outbreak or something, and that I’d missed the memo or option to cut. But it was your Nanny Scissorhand nanny who did it, not out of malice, but simply out of a badly thought out good intention.

You’re still happy and playing with your diggers and trucks as if two big piles of your former hair weren’t in the dustbin. But I feel gutted, and I *know* it’s only hair, but somehow through the chopping, I feel like my role as a mom has been cut, and that your babyhood/toddlerhood has been altered a bit.

This was a decision I wanted to make with your dad when the time suited us, and as lame as it sounds, I needed time to adjust to a new you. I feel a little out of control, a little bit robbed, and a tad angry.

And yes, perspective tells me that you’re healthy and content, and that hair grows back, and that it’s just hair! But my heart echoes louder than my head, and I’m a bit broken now. I’ll put on my big mommy panties soon, but for now, I’m crying a little over spilt, er, hair.

I’ll chuckle about it soon, promise.

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  1. Shame Tanya, i would have been sooo unimpressed. I think you’re allowed to grieve…

    That said, i do think he looks super-cute with his new haircut. 🙂

    Still though… not cool on the nanny’s part. 🙁

    • Aaaw, thanks. But more importantly, how are you and your brood???

  2. Max still is a looker no doubts there but your Nanny has seriously crossed a very solid line.

    Not cool and I think you are totally within your rights to feel that way.

    • Thanks so much 🙂

  3. awh not cool on nanny scissorhands! I would of cried like a baby too… yes its only hair to others but you know its not just that! But he still looks gorgeous xxx

  4. Ah Tanya, my heart broke a little just reading this. I know that people will think that you are crazy but I get it. I was trying to put myself in your shoes yesterday and I woould be completely heartbroken if someone cut Jaes hair without me giving an ok.

    She came home one day with ear rings. Her dads cousin decided to take her. I wanted to get her ear rings but when she came home with them my heart just broke a little. She wasn’t this pure little untouched toddler anymore. She was a bit more grown up. And that is one of the hardest part of being a mom.

    • Oh dear! I hear you though…

  5. OMW! My heart nearly stopped! I can actually hear in the tone of this post how heartbroken you are! 🙁 Wow, I must say though, with his hair cut, he really does look older. But that gorgeous smile is still there! (hugs) What a crappy day for you.

  6. *SOB* Nooo! I would feel SO bummed too!

  7. Oi! I would have been livid! I so hear what you’re saying about feeling like you were robbed of something.

  8. OMG! I went through this horror last year! Joshua also had a whole lotta hair. This is how it went down, Hubby took a friday off to be with Joshua. I call to find out what they’re up to? I get a MMS and Joshua’s hair is gone. MY husband cut our son’s hair with a clipper “1”!!!!!! I went all WTF? Bezrk! Bedonnered!!!!
    I died a little! He apologised profusely and NOW understands that “That” was a milestone for me with Joshua!!!! Guess waht He’s hair is as curly an long again. hehehe!

    • That’s good to hear! I’m hoping the curls make a comeback 🙂

  9. Oy, I would have gone berserk. But, as some have said, hair grows back. But YOU want to be the one who makes the decision to cut it. So I TOTALLY get your sadness. Sending love, virtual red velvet cupcakes and Haute Cabriere xxx

  10. What! She still works for you? To me that is a serious crossing of the line. I would have been livid ( and its not just about the hair – mine have super short hair), it’s the primciple.

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