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Dear Max

This much I know – you love trucks and big things with four wheels. I’m pretty sure that you are obsessed with them. You go to school every day with one, and most days when I fetch you, you’re still clutching it. Some days you even leave with little trucks or diggers that belong to the school because your smart teacher Kim knows that it’s best not to fight with a truck addict (PS: we always return the trucks the next day). Sometimes you go to sleep with a digger or tractor, and I would be foolish to think I could pass a toy store or aisle without having to buy you something small on wheels. But it’s worth it – you appreciate it, you handle it gently, and it’s like the best thing ever.

When we drive, you are always observing the trucks, taxis, cranes and tractors at building sites, and you are always excited to see them. In fact, for a rookie, it would seem as if you’re noticing them for the first time. And when you’re crying to see the garbage truck and it doesn’t come, it’s true anguish for a two-year-old. And I’m once again reminded of how wonderful children are – how you don’t tire of cool stuff, how honestly you react to stuff that makes you happy (or sad), and how the “smallest” of things make you tick.

I will support your excitement for every large four-wheel vehicle you see. Because you get it. And I see the beauty in that.


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  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about. The crane/bus/truck/tractor/train etc etc etc. Low and behold if we do not make a fuss when we see them.

    I’m discovering my inner child whilst my child is being a child 🙂

    • Hectic. I can’t keep up!

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