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Dear Max

This week we went to the new Gourmet Garage Express in Atholl Square for dinner. You are usually awesome when we go for dinner – you sit, you roam a little, or you play on your iPad – which is why I didn’t think twice about going to this family-style restaurant.

Mistake number one for parents of toddlers. Just because you’ve done it once, or 20 times, doesn’t mean you’ll act that way again!

And while I don’t want to go on about how niggly and irritated you were during supper, suffice to say there were tears, pleas to go home, throwing of crayons on the floor, a bang on the iPad and a “no” to everything. It just wasn’t your night, dude.

There were some plusses: you drank and enjoyed your strawberry milkshake for about four minutes, and even had a moment of happy play, just in time for this picture to be taken.

You also ate some carrots from my stirfry which you enjoyed.

Once again, a reminder that things often don’t go to plan, that even the iPad is dismissable, and that little kids, like grownups, have shitty nights out too. And a reminder that strawberry milkshakes rock.

Me, I had a good time, and wolfed down my delicious falafel hamburger in about three minutes, in order to get you out of there. Ironically, the TVs at Gourmet Garage Express were screening a sports show with a hotdog-eating competition on it. Divine inspiration?

And even more irony – as we were driving home, you asked for sushi. Funny guy.


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