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Dear Max

There’s nothing like putting something in writing to kickstart a plan. So I’m putting it out there – I am trying to lose weight. Sadly, I won’t shed 3kg just by writing this post, but I’m hoping that if I’m vocal about it on the www, then I’m bound to make a change.

Like the time I ran my first Comrades and blabbed to everyone that I was doing it. This was before the days of social media, but still, I managed to get the word out. When I felt like bailing many a many time, I thought that worse than having to try and get through to the finish line, was explaining to the hoards why I didn’t finish the race. So I persevered. Mostly for me, but also because I didn’t want to *fail* if I could help it.

So in the interest of being able to feel more comfortable again, and find something great to wear at your barmitzvah in ten years’ time, I’m on a mission. I’m seeing a great dietitian, Jade Campbell, and I await her plan that will hopefully help me shed around 7kg. I’m tired of my bad running pictures that expose my thighs, and spending a few rand a day on Wine Gums. And I’m tired of being scared to try on clothes.

I’ve lost weight over the years, and I’m scared of going back to 85kg or so that I was in my early 20s. It represents all that I don’t want to be again.

So here goes. Pass the rice cakes please…


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  1. Good luck! I am sure you will be able to do it and look (even more) gorgeous in a few weeks time.

    I am also on a mission to shed about 7kg, so I might need to lean on you for words of encouragement ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cheers to weight loss and feeling better!

    • Er, I was hoping to lean on someone else for encouragement ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks a mil hun!

  2. Good Luck, me to, I am doing a great plan called RE invent – it is not a diet but more a healthy eating plan – 3 down in 2 weeks and 12 to go……………eeek. But for the first time in a long time I ma super motivated so am also back at gym so you may see me running soon.

    • Well done Lee! That is fantastic. Good luck with the rest…

  3. all the best. argh, i have been trying to lose the last few kilo’s of baby weight after my daughter. The second time round is so much harder. you have, however, inspired me to get off my lazy (fat) bum and go and see a dietician. good luck xx

    • Thank you, good luck to you too! We can be virtual diet buds? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’m with you…..Seeing Jade tomorrow! Also in an effort to lose those nasty 3kgs!!!

    Maybe I should post it as well, hey it worked for my comrades, I would rather have died than fail in crossing the finish line.

    Good luck, may the force be with you

  5. I so love and admire your honesty….such an awesome mamma and blogger you are. You go girl. I should really lay off all the comfort food here.xx

  6. I hear you! I’m heading back up my dietitian on Wednesday too. I know the basics and I’ve read all her notes from my previous visits 3 years ago but I just need that extra klap from her because the weight is not budging and making me mizz. All the best!

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