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This week’s good, bad and ugly

Posted on Aug 13, 2012 by in observations | 2 comments


Dear Max

Here’s what’s been happening this week:

The good:

- Another cool 10km race with you: I hope I can keep the momentum going and get fit enough to push your pram uphill while running, not walking

- A six-medal SA “victory” at the Olympics

- You’re speaking A LOT and seem to be in a very confident and happy space

- I’ve lost another kilogram!

- Essie spring collection is now in store

- Late but happy discovery of a great series called Breaking Bad. For you, it’s Timmy Time, a variation of Shaun the Sheep. Cannot. Get. The. Damn. Theme. Song. Out. My. Head.

The bad:

- I had some flu last week and was a bit down and out

- My discovery of Cadbury’s Bubbly chocolate. It is worse to have tasted and adored, than avoided with greater ease.

The ugly:

- My nose and lips and chapped after my woman flu and it’s taking a lot of cover-up to not turn heads for the wrong reasons.

Love you


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  1. Ah, now I have Timmy theme song stuck in my head……

  2. I’m trying VERY hard to stay away from the new Bubble chocolate –!!!!


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